What do this Matchless Chieftain Amp Video Review and a Hamburger Have in Common?

I remember the first time I visited a country where I didn’t speak the language. It was Canada. And they were speaking French Canadian. Not knowing what to do, I naturally went where any young American out of his element can go to feel comfortable: McDonald’s.

To learn how to order, I listened to the customers ahead of me. “La quesque se frantsie frauncezerd BIG MAC,” I heard. “Lepew henri McFEEESH! ce va.” And I even heard the magic words I was looking for, “poulet filet avec fromage.” For the record, I didn’t let them put any fromage on my poulet filet.

I tell this story not out of pure randomness, but because it relates very much to this video review. Listen closely, and you’ll learn how the words Matchless Chieftain, drive, and clean tone hold deep meaning across many cultures. Just like the word Quarter Pounder.

Now if only, after listening to Mr.Vinai Trinateepukdee’s phrasing on the guitar, I could play as well as he does.

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